The newspaper of Baku University

"Baku University" newspaper lanched in 1929 has been reqularly published since 1947 . The newspaper had been issued in the Azerbaijani and Russian lanquages under the litle of for "Lenin discipline" until 1990 and the journalists such as Rasul Rustamov, Israfil Jahanqhirov, Yusif Yusifov, Seyfullah Aliyev, Nusrat Baqirov, Aslan Aslanov, Vali Mammadov, Eldar Aliyev, Aqamusa Zeynalov, Bayram Nuseynzadeh, Haqverdi Rzayev were the editors-in- chief of the newspaper in different years. The most  renowned journalists and scienfists qot their first experience as journalists workinq for "Baku University" the newspaper has witnessed the life of tne university and recorded its happy and sad days into history for 80 years.
There  is hardly and social-politikal event or a remarkable  initiation unreflected in"Baku University"- the same aqe witl the first Democratic Republic in the East,  the basis of our lnstitutions the newspaper is responsible  to hiqhliqht  sweral fields of education and distipline among the youth, render friendship and fraternity among them, direct and comment on siqnificant scientific problems, help the university administration to remove evident shortcomings, illustrate the colorful life of ments in discipline, researches carried out in laboratories and chairs, mass ethecial events and students' lives.
Events of moral character such as appreciation of the scientists' activity, theer reward with state and honourable titles are reflected in the newspaper as will.
Students' and professors' doily lives and theer achievements are highlighted in different columns and genres. Several columns report the condition of textbooks and manuals, the convenience of the laboratories, computer center, scientific library, publishing house, hostel, as well as the problems concerning the karabakh conflict between  Azerbaijan and Armenia.
The newspaper regularly issues articles on the methods of experienced teachers, scientific activity of young scientists, researches chairs conformation of education to European standards, Bologna process etc.
Interesting articles, comments, reports, news about the mectings of the university  staff with the heads and state officials  of foreign countries in the rector participates, criticism, offers and wishes, all the students' actual events as well as the reconstruction are published in the newspaper. 
The monthly published newspaper staff consists of the professional journalists and technical employees such as Parvana ibrahimova, Anzula Amirova, Solmaz Babashova, Aynu Qurbanqizi, Tamella Muslimova, Qurban Mammadoqlu. The newspaper joined press and Information Department in September, 2007 and Sharaf Jalilli is the editor in chief.

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