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The history of Baku University publishing house being in close relations with the establishment of Baku State University started its activity as an editorial - publishing department. The processes in the socio-political life of 20-30's of the previous century, the war period and the hardships of the years after the war had an impact on the activity of Baku University publishing house. The periodical scientific presses of the University were the journals "News" published in 1921 and "Theoretical and practical medicine" published in 1924. In 1921 the first semi-volume of "Baku State University News" was published. The first semi-volume dealt with natural sciences and medicine, the second one with humanities. The second issue and the first semi-volume (natural sciences and medicine) of "Baku University News" came to light
in 1922.
On the grounds of various reasons, the activity of the publishing house was ceased, but on the insistence of the educated layer it restarted its activity. The publishing house of the university closed down again in 1961, but books published with its stamp were already popular all over the
In 1961 Baku University publishing house printed only the University's scientific news, curriculums, methodical instructions, brief monographs, etc with old methods.
Following the offer of Azerbaijan USSR Councils of Ministers, Azerbaijan USSR Ministry of High and Secondary Educations and Azerbaijan USSR State Committee on publishing, poligraphy and book trade affairs, a 24-P decree was issued about the establishment of the new University publishing house on the basis of editorial -publishing department already in process at the University to train highly-skilled specialists and supply them with manuals, text-books and other literatures on January 24 1984. In accordance with this decree, from February on of the same year the organization of the new publishing house was launched and as the old building of the publishing house (ex Communist street) was unfit, under the decision of the Ministry of education and the University administration the printing house got a more congenial area. As the area was not sufficient for the activity of the publishing house, on September 20 1984 a new area within the newly constructed building of the university was given to the publishing house to provide it with better conditions, rearrange it to meet needs of modern scientific technical demands, accommodate newly purchased poligraphy equipments in an eligible place and increase its productivity. In 1985 there were 3 poligraphy machines in the publishing house of the University. Though they met our scientists' needs for printing products, its activity was still limited. The efficient activity of the newly established publishing house needed a poligraphy base responding to the modern standards.
The decree "training highly-skilled specialists and improving their participation in Xalq Tesser-I" issued by Sov.IK. CK. And USSR Council of Ministers on 13 March 1987 put forward the irreversible commitments such as to open the publishing houses significant for the Union and the Republic and rearrange the work of the publishing houses already in process as well. Baku University publishing house (Azerbaijan University publishing house) was among the 10 publishing houses opened over the former Union within those years. Following that decree, in the collegiums summoned in May 1987 Republic administration and the Ministry of Education made a successful step. The decree issued by the Central Committee and the Council of Ministers highlighted the work structure and the financial system of Baku University publishing house already in process as the second important publishing house of the republic. It is a noticeable fact that Baku University publishing house was the only one to possess its own printing house in the education system of the republic.
In 1980 the foundation of the computer bureau was a step forward in transition to the offset printing method. In 1988 most of teaching literatures of different themes bearing the stamp of Baku University publishing house came to light in the Azerbaijan language for the first time in this publishing house: "The sources on Azerbaijan history", "The history of Baku State University", "Introduction to Specialty", "The Geography of the Arabian countries", "Criminal law", "Family law", "The reader of the ancient Turkish monuments", "The Turkish language", "The historical, geographical and economical Azerbaijan", "Quantum theory", "The basis and topography of Geodesy", "The basis of Biotechnology", "Miracle system", etc.
These printing products were distinguished from those of the same profiled publishing houses in their style and quality. Baku University publishing house and the printing house within it was headed by Farhad Zeynalov, Ajdar Babazade, Adil Abdullayev, Abuzar Ismayilov, Agamusa Zeynalov, Bahrain Jafarov, Kerim Hasanov and Balakishi Agayev in different years.
Since 2006 Islam Shirnov has been directing Baku University publishing house. Great changes occurred in the life Baku University publishing house since our republic regained its independence. The hard life of our nation didn't pass by without affecting the publishing house. Though the published books were of great importance, they could not meet the standards of the day in quality and poligraphy because of the poor financial-technical and the absence of poligraphy equipments.
2005 was the turning point for the publishing house. With the decree and supervision of the rector of Baku State University - academic A.M.Maharamov- the area of Baku University publishing house was repaired meeting high standards. The publishing house was furnished with modern designed furniture and condensation gadgets.
The financial-technical basis of Baku University publishing house was strengthened and supplied with new technological equipments meeting the demands of the day. Thus, the following equipments are used in the production area:
1. The Japanese product two-colored offset printing machine of "Komory" type
2. German product "Multieffect" page folding machine
3. Adhesive block making machine of "Pony" type
4. Cover printing machine of "Remark" type
5. Form washing machine of "Remark" type.
Baku University publishing house consists of 2 editing offices, a computer department and a production area provided with new poligraphiy equipments. It is worth to note that, the repair of Baku University publishing house and its provision with modern paleographic equipments favored the high quality and publication of printing products in time. That's the very reason why there are no delays in the publication of "Baku University News" and that in its turn is highly acclaimed by scientists and specialists.
Presently, the books published with the stamp of Baku University publishing house prevail over those of other publishing houses for their high quality and quantity.
It is a pride that under Islam Shirinov's leadership high school text books with more than 50 titles were published along with different programs, methodical instructions and manuals within the last two years. The publications of Baku University publishing house such as "Chemistry" (by A.M.Maharamov, R.A.Aliyeva, T.A.Mahmudov, F.M.Chiragov), "The Turkish language" (by A.Rasulov, R.Rustamov), "The history of the Turkish literature" (by Aydin Abi Aydin,), "The history of library work in Azerbaijan" (by A.Halafov), "Human rights, population and migration problems in the modern international law" (by A.Aliyev), "Organic chemistry" ( A.M.Maharamov, M.A.Allhverdiyev), "Azerbaijan infant literature" (by Q.Namazov), "Classic Astronomy" (by J.M. Guluzade), "Radiophysics" (by B.Davudov, K.Dashdemirov), "Modern Azerbaijan literature" (by G.Abdulayev and others, in two volumes), "Organic chemistry" (A.M.Maharamov, M.N.Maharamov), "The basis of the analytical chemistry" (by R.A.Aliyeva, F.M.Chiraqov), "The search and exploration of mineral beds " (by V.M.Babazade, V.G.Ramazanov,T.N.Nasibov, Ai.Hasiyev, B.H. Galandarov, Z.I.Mammadov), "Thermodynamic statistics" (by B. Asgerov), "Quantum theory" (by A.I.Muhtarov), "Petrography" (by V.M.Bababzade, N.M. Mamedov, N.A.Imamverdiyev),"Toponimics" (by N.G.Mamedov), "Human and animal physiology" (by A.H.Aliyev, F.A.Aliyeva,V.M.Madatova), "Plant physiology" (by N.A.Gasimov), "Geochemistry of volcanic processes" (by N.Imamverdiyv), "Chemistry relation" (by T.H.Guliyev), "Crystallographic and crystallochemistry" (by A.Maharamov, M.Chiragov, K.Rahimov, A.Shirinova), "The basis of Landscape study (by M.Suleymanov, I.Aliyeva),"Mikology" (by A.Ibrahimov, Z. Abdulova,
L.Mehdiyeva), "The Economical and social geography of Near and Middle East" (by N.Sultanova, G.Mamedov), "The Zuridical basis of the use of nature" (by A.Dolxanov), "The foreign policy of Azerbaijan" (by A.Amirov), "The law of foreign relations" (by N.A.Gasimova) and other books are distinguished in their design and quality.
In 2007 Baku University publishing house took part in the third republic book sale exhibition and was rewarded with a Diploma and Certificate. In the fist quarter of 2008 with A.Maharamov's initiation, the rector of Baku State University, the sale exhibition of the manuals printed in Baku University publishing house was held in Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. This event was widely highlighted in the press. Since 2008 Baku University publishing house has started the printings of "Baku University" newspaper, the press of Baku State University

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