The decree issued about the establishment of Baku State University was one of the nests significant sluices of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.
The periodical scientific presses of the University were the journal of "News" published since 1921 and "Practical and Theoretical Medicine" 1924. Two semi-volumes of "Baku State University News" were published in 1921. The first semi-volumes dealt with Medicine, the second with humanities. Two issues and a semi-volume (Nature Study and Medicine) of "Baku University News" consist of four series: Series of Humanities, Series of Nature Study, Series of Social-political sciences, Series of Physics and Mathematics. Each series is published four times a year.
Series of Humanities. This series conveys the readers with the latest scientific news on such fields as Linguistics, Literature, History, Oriental Studies, Journalism, Library Study, Methodic etc.
Series of Nature Study. The series deals with the scientific news on Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Geography and Others.  
Series of Social-political sciences. The series covers the sciences of Law, Philosophy, Economy, Psychology, Sociology, Polytology etc.     
Series of Physics and Mathematics. The series reflects the latest scientific news of the exact sciences of Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, Information Science, Astrophysics etc.
Apart from the achievements in science, "Baku University News" highlights  scientists, jubilees,   congratulations, information, on newly published books and includes a necrology column.

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